Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wisconsin Summer

Well... better late than never! Here are some pictures from our trip to Wisconsin this summer. Coming soon... or as soon as I can get around to it... Disney Pictures!!

Well, we're here... now what?


Really, I can eat this!

Beach time!

Castle building with Cousins.

Lilli makes friends wherever she goes... this is one of her friends she made at the beach.

A boy's dream - fishing in pajamas!

The 4th of July parade... it was so cold we had to go buy blankets for the kiddos!

A pre-parade snack... can you tell they're related :o)

Grandma Debbie always has pudding for us!

Grandpa Russ just got back from Japan and brought Roy and Lilli some "Kung Fu Fighting" pajamas. And yes we do sing the song every time they wear these jammies :o)

A little bit of Kung Fu Fighting action.

Ice Cream scented bubbles with Daddy.

Look what I did!

More fun in the water.

A tractor ride around Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Russ' yard.

The tractor ride driver.

Attacking Aunt Toot-Toot (aka Aunt Angela)

Swinging after a delicious Friday night Fish Fry!

Lilli and her cousin Wynton (aka Bubba) were caught watching Zoe together.

Roy and his friend Kirsten... I especially like the gender matching poses they gave.

Heading home. Regression: one of the things we came home with was Lillian's night-night. She had kicked the habit already but we brought one along for emergencies and every night we were there was an emergency. :o) I guess we'll have to try again another day!

Monday, September 13, 2010


After a short bout of constipation a couple of weeks ago I explained to Roy that when it's hard to poop it means he needs to eat more vegetables and fruit, and drink more to make the poop come out easier. So after a relatively easy visit to the toilet this afternoon our little man who *never forgets anything* exclaimed "See mom I ate more vegetables and fruit, and drank my milk so my poopy came out!!" I can guarantee that he will diligently eat his vegetables and fruit now that he has a logical reason as to why :o)