Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Lilli!

Yesterday we celebrated Lilli's 2nd Birthday. Her birthday happened to coincide with my first day of work for this school year so I was bummed I wasn't able to spend the whole day with her but still had a lot of fun getting her cake, her outfit, and her presents together. This year her birthday party is all about ladybugs (hence the ladybug outfit and cake). I had no idea how fun and easy planning a ladybug party could be... it's amazing what you can do with red and black circles!! I'll have more pics to come after her party day.

For her actually birthday daddy took her out for doughnuts in the morning and then went to Barnes and Noble to let them play trains and read some books (which she absolutely loves). Then when I got home I finished up her party outfit, decorated her cake, and helped daddy put together her present from Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Russ in the 100+ degree heat. At 6 we 'talked' to my parents via webcam and let them see her reaction to their gift - a super cute playhouse. It's fun that even though we live so far away they still got to share in the joy of their present with her! After eating dinner we did the cake thing and then after cake she opened her presents.

Enjoying her new house with Roy and her friend Oliver.

A special birthday kiss from her big brother... you can tell she loved it :o)

What a cute little Lilli-Bug!!

A close up of the cake, yes there are some bald spots but what do you expect?- I'm an amateur.

What fun to celebrate yet another year of our crazy family!

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  1. Lindsay you are such a great writer! I am so happy that Lilli had a wonderful birthday. I read your last post about the tears before their birthday... you had me in tears. -Sarah Runyon