Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Each year since we've had kids we make the trek out to Meridian to the Radde Tannenbaum Ranch to cut down our very own Christmas tree. The 40 minute drive is completely worth it to us as it's usually our kick off to all things Christmas. On the way out we explain to the kids what we're going to be doing and listen to Christmas carols. On the way back we make sure to sing some of our favorites as a nod to the Griswolds and hope that we don't lose our tree along the way! Occasionally when we have guests for Thanksgiving they get to come along for the adventure. A few years ago my sister joined us for a day in the rain, and this year Nana and Papa (Josh's parents) joined us for a day of perfect tree cutting weather. Here's what our adventure looked like.

hayride out to the trees

nana and papa on the hayride

walking in a winter wonderland... wait is that possible without snow?

we found the perfect tree!

while singing "o christmas tree" roy not so politely requested we stop... apparently he doesn't appreciate a good tune when he hears one


hitting the road in style

excited about the ornament he picked for his ornament exchange at school,
and about his new advent calendar

we made it home!
this is the last year for the camry to make the trip, next year we'll be mini-vanning it.

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