Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bunk Beds!!!

After much anticipation today was the day we were finally able to assemble our new bunk beds! We had some great helpers and a lot of pieces to put together but after a few hours.... we were done!!! We finished out the day by buying a new mattress and sheets and blankets for Roy's top bunk.

Lilli was so excited to try out her new bed immediately after we put her mattress in she ran into her 'old room' and grabbed her napping essentials and told us she was ready for bed. I would have went with it but it was a couple of hours too early!

Currently the little monkey's are all snuggled up with their favorite sleep paraphernalia. Josh and I will probably be asleep before they are today... assembling and disassembling furniture is exhausting!!! In addition to the bunk beds we took apart Lilli's crib (some people are coming to buy it tomorrow) and set up Roy's old crib (which is the one we're keeping for the new baby.) All these changes have been a great reminder for me of the little bundle that will be coming in about 2 months. Transition and change is exhausting but the anticipation of getting ready for our little Wendell or Mabel is becoming more and more real with every move we make.

ready for nap... just a few hours too early!

ready for bed, nighty night!

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  1. No way! Mabel is my girl name...but I haven't convinced Jadie yet. He says it's an old lady name. I LOVE it!