Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Roy continues to amaze us with his uncanny memory. The newest display of this was just the other night when he informed us that he was 'Susan' and Lilli was 'Derek' from Monsters vs. Aliens. Since we had seen the movie only once a while back (whenever it first came out on DVD) I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about. I recognized that Susan was the name of the main character played by Reese Witherspoon but didn't think that there was a character named Derek but I just went along with it. After a few days he was still calling Lilli 'Derek' so I told Josh to look at to check if Derek existed. Low and behold Derek is indeed a character in the movie, he is Susan's fiance who only has a few brief parts. It's a bit scary to think about what else he's storing in that little brain of his!

Conversation with Roy:
Roy: Mom where's my milk?

Mom: I don't know where did you put it?

Roy: (walks over to Lilli who is sitting in her high chair) Derek, where is my milk?

Lilli: Silence (eating her dinner while staring at Roy)

Roy: (still staring at Lilli) Derek do you know where my milk is?

Lilli: Silence

Roy: (walks away to find his milk, frustrated that 'Derek' couldn't help him out)

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