Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Roy and Lilli have both recently reached some pretty helpful milestones.

Lilli can retrieve things when asked. This morning we were getting ready to leave and Roy only had one shoe in the living room so I helped him put it on. I asked Lilli to go get me the other one from the hallway and away she teetered, coming back with the shoe! I thought, this is amazing I should try it again. So I asked her to go get Roy's coat from the bathroom and low and behold she teetered away and returned with his coat. Roy and I were both very surprised and thankful to have such a cute little gopher helping us out.

Roy can now answer the phone and hold a complete conversation with someone. The other day I was in the shower while Lilli was napping and I heard Roy knocking on my door, I decided to finish my shower and check with him when I was done. It took me a few more minutes but he was still knocking and when asked what he needed he told me "Mom it's Tracy!" I wasn't quite sure what he meant so I said, "Is Tracy here?" He replied, "No mom she's on the phone." I quick put a towel on, opened the door and sure enough there he was talking on the phone to my friend Tracy like he was a little man. Tracy told me he told her all about his day, how he had Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch and how he was going to meet her at the museum later. Maybe next time you call you'll be lucky enough to have a conversation with our little secretary!

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