Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Dentist!

Roy went to the dentist for the first time on the 16th. In anticipation for this event I had been talking with him about the dentist for a couple of months. It was not uncommon to hear Roy saying "The dentist is going to be so proud of me!" while brushing his teeth. And when asked what the dentist was going to do he could tell you "Count my teeth." He even asked if I thought they might have stickers so he was really thinking this all through.

The tricky part is when the rubber meets the road... I can talk about the dentist all I want but I was unsure how he was really going to react. We had to run a few errands that morning one that included him eating an entire package of pez candy! (Not what you want for your child on dentist day.) By the time we needed to go to the dentist he decided he'd rather go home and eat some lunch... until he saw the play area in the waiting room. We went to Kool Smiles pediatric dentistry and in their waiting room they have a mini McDonald's play area with a few steps and a slide. His fears were cured on sight!

Eventually they called us back and he was fabulous, we went with Roy's good friend Oliver who's about 7.5 months younger than Roy so I was glad he was setting a good example. He hopped right up in the chair, opened his mouth like a champ and never said a word. The hygienist brushed his teeth, put on some fluoride and told us to wait for the dentist. When the dentist came Roy said hi and opened his mouth again right away. I couldn't have imagined it going any better. And for the icing on the cake as we walked out past a few hygienists he exclaimed "I like going to the dentist!" I was so proud!

Sitting in the chair for the first time!

Getting his teeth brushed

While waiting for the dentist Lilli joined him in the chair for a couple minutes.

The view of the room we were in and the dentist checking his teeth for cavities.

He sat just like this the entire time... with the cool dude shades of course!

He chose a koosh ball duck as his prize - he calls it his sunshine duck :o)

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