Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Farm Day

We have a farm nearby called the World Hunger Relief Farm. A few weeks ago they hosted a Farm Day where they had several animals available to pet, a hayride, booths set up with different items for sale, organic lunches and groceries for sale, a play area for kids, and a craft area to make 'seed paper'. The kids loved being outside and having (mostly) free reign. Lilli was unsure of the large animals but Roy wasn't afraid one bit, he even tried to pick up a small chicken... I say "tried" because he actually dropped the poor thing! Before we left they each got a necklace made by one of the vendors, Roy chose a clown fish charm and Lilli chose a pig!

Petting the sweet little burrow... Lilli was giving him the cold shoulder.

Talking about petting the camel. Online it said they would have camel rides but I didn't see anyone riding them that day... I would have totally signed up for that!

Attempting to hold a young chicken. It looked like this chicken has seen better days.

Digging in the dirt with all the other kids.

Lilli pushing her friend Oliver around. She really loves Oliver!

Roy chillaxing with our friend Sam who just turned 1 a couple of months ago. It's fun to see him being sweet to other little ones!

Nothing like eating a muffin with a view of a goat!

Roy, Lilli, and Oliver enjoying their snack.

Watching the vendor make his fish bead into a necklace, after watching a little girl get one made he turned to me with his big blue eyes and said sweetly "Mom can I please get one of these?" How could I resist!

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