Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Here are some pics from Josh's family's recent visit to Texas (OK so not really that recent... I'm a bit behind) Somehow I forget to take pictures when we're all together... maybe it's because we all have the same camera and subconsciously I'm tricked into thinking my camera is the one taking pictures. Anyway... Josh doesn't have a very good track record for nieces and nephews liking him so the picture of him holding Wynton is pretty epic.

Lilli and Wynton eating their supper and giving the camera a really good "CHEESE" (Wynton is Josh's sister's youngest he's about 6 weeks younger than Lilli)

The epic "no he really does like me!" picture.

My bathing beauty playing in her Aunt Lissa and Uncle Jim's pool.
(Josh's brother who lives in Georgetown, TX.)

Roy and Lils chilling with their Nana or "Mans" - even though Lilli can repeat Nana just fine she has decided to call her "Mans" instead.

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