Friday, July 30, 2010

Gorilla Mountain!!

So a few weeks ago I posted that Roy was working on saving his money because he found a really awesome but rather expensive toy that he wanted from Toys R' Us. Well after 8 weeks and many odd jobs (including washing the car, washing the kitchen floor, 'folding' laundry, picking up Lilli's toys, putting diapers in the diaper champ, giving Craig hugs, and a few other random instances where we may or may not have bribed him with quarters) he had earned a total of $37.10.

When we started this endeavor I knew it would be hard for him, the toy actually cost $43.00, that's a lot of quarters! And in the midst of his earning we discovered that Toys R' Us is the only place that carries this particular Imaginext Toy, that they closed them out and discontinued them online, and they only had 2 left in the store. I was nervous for him, I could just imagine after weeks and weeks of excitement and saving arriving at the store to find out it was gone. So of course I prepped him for this and reassured him that if Gorilla Mountain was gone he would be able to find another equally awesome toy to buy. I was determined to make him stick it out until he had all the cash but then I began imagining how I would feel if I worked that hard for something just to find out that I was $6 short and someone else bought the last one. So I caved... I announced to him yesterday that we were going to go buy it and that even though he didn't have all his dollars marked off of his saving chart mommy was going to help him pay for the rest. The giddiness and joy that this announcement elicited was absolutely priceless! So we packed up and he grabbed his little trash can of cash and went to check if the last one was still there. (We had visited it the week before and knew there was only one left.) As we trudged through the store, Roy's coins jingling away, we were asked if we needed help and I (giddily) replied, "Nope, we're on a mission for one toy." As we approached the aisle that contained Gorilla Mountain my heart started beating faster (it really did, I was nervous for him!) And lo and behold, there was still one left!!! Here are the photos that document this joyous occasion.

Sitting with Gorilla Mountain and his Oscar the Grouch trash can full of money. As soon as we put it in the cart he said "OK now let's go home." That's unheard of for a 3 year old in Toys R' Us! He didn't even want to look at the other toys he just wanted to race home and open 'his' Gorilla Mountain!

At the checkout ready to make it official!

The piles of money that I helped the cashier count.

Finally in it's new home all spread out and ready to be enjoyed. Once we got home he played with it for 2 1/2 hours straight until it was time for his nap... then he packed it up and put it in his closet. As soon as he got up from his nap he got it out again. He may have already gotten his money's worth :o)

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