Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day!

Lillian and I just got back on Monday from a quick trip to Wisconsin for my Great-Grandmother Lillian's funeral. We enjoyed the cold and snow while there, I even got to go on an afternoon snowmobile ride. I was ready to head back home to Texas where I had heard it was in the mid 60s to low 70s. Much to our surprise we were greeted with 36 degree weather and a chance of snow!

Tuesday morning we woke up to huge snow flakes and the weather forecast showing 3-6 inches of snow possible! We packed up and took Lilli to the Dr. for a check-up and made it home in time for Waco to start shutting down. Schools, clinics, businesses, colleges... all closing their doors due to just a few inches of snow!!

We took full advantage of all the Texas hype and had some good old winter fun right in our front yard. Here are some pics of the pure joy experienced that day.

Roy really wanted to have a snowball fight,
he was giggling so hard he could hardly throw straight!

Lillers joined in the snowball fight action too,
you can see her tiny snowball flying towards me in this picture.

Here is the rather unattractive but somehow incredibly cute snowman we built. Roy insisted it have snowball eyes, ears, mouth and hat... so even though it looks like he only has arms and a nose I assure you the rest of his features are there.

And then they got hungry - I love this picture!

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