Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Build A Bear

The Monday following Easter Josh and I both had off so we split up and did a special Daddy-Son day and Mommy-Daughter day. Roy and Josh went to the theater to see "How to Train Your Dragon" they saw it in 3-D and Roy even wore his glasses the entire time. Since that day his Happy Meal dragon toys have gone with him everywhere. We've let him play the memory game on the movie website so now he wants to do that everyday too. It's hard to teach a 3 year old moderation!

Lilli and I went to the mall to hit up Build-a-Bear while the boys were at the movie. She loves stuffed animals and is very loving to them so I thought that she would really like it and she most certainly did. She picked out her bear, helped stuff it, did the heart ceremony, brushed it, and chose a cute little fairy dress for it. I helped her name it... Porky D is the bear's official name on her birth certificate but we just call her Porky. She got that name because that's what Josh calls Lilli sometimes, Porky, Porky Delectable, or Porky D - it's ironic nickname since she's so small. The lady in the store said that Lilli was the youngest to do the entire heart ceremony, I got out my camera to catch the last few things she did and will post that as soon as I get it on the computer. Here are some pics to show the birth of Porky!

The lady who helped us assemble Porky
Lilli touching Porky's nose

Putting her little heart in it...I got to put a heart in her too

Brushing her off at the washing station

Dressing her in her new outfit

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