Friday, April 9, 2010

Lilli's New Carseat!

As you know both of our kids are on the small side... we thought Roy was small and then we had Lilli! Roy was able to move out of his infant carrier carseat at about 14 months, you can't be turned to face forward in a car seat until you are 1 and weigh 20 pounds. Most one year olds are over 20 pounds, not ours. Lilli took even longer, we could have put her in a big girl car seat and had her face backwards but decided not to make the purchase until she was ready to face forward. At her 18 month appointment she was really close to 20 lbs so shortly after that we ordered her new car seat for her. It arrived just in time for her 19th month birthday! I made a pretty big deal about it, taking pictures and showing her how pretty and soft it was, she was pretty excited. She really loved it when I was ready to drive and turned around to back-up; she had a huge smile on her face and said "hi momma!" She's most definitely a happier rider now that she's in on all the action!

She was pretty proud of her new ride.

This is when she realized she could see me while I was driving .

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  1. lillian is the cutest, lindsay. so so so cute.