Friday, April 23, 2010

Mommy Tip #1

So since I became a mother I have realized that I live my life in procedures. Yes... I have a procedure for just about everything from how to get from the house to the car... to what is the best way to deal with a vomiting child. I think through what would be the most efficient and logical way to do things before I even attempt to do it. This can be a good thing... (when the procedures go as planned) or a horribly stressful thing... (when the procedures don't go as planned). I have decided to log my best tips and tricks and would love to hear some of yours too!

Mommy Tip #1: Park next to a cart return every time you go shopping.
The best way to tackle the grocery store, craft store, Wal-mart, or Target (especially with multiple children) is to secure a spot next to the cart return. Even if you have to walk 1/2 a mile it's worth it! When you're finished shopping and you want to get your purchases and your kiddos to the car safely and quickly you just roll them right up to the cart return and load up. Mission accomplished!

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  1. excellent tip! I do this, too. I'm anxious to hear your other tips. hope the kids are feeling okay today.