Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lilli's New Nap Mat

Although I've had the materials to make Lilli's nap mat since September I just finished it up last week. Her current mother's day out program has nap mats available to use at school so she didn't really 'need' one. But of course out of being fair to both kiddos, and for germs sake I wanted to make sure she had one too. Here are pics of her new favorite place to snuggle up! When Josh picked her up from MDO yesterday her teacher told him that her nap mat is a "God send" because she actually slept an hour! Apparently she usually only sleeps a few minutes and then tries to convince her teachers to wake up the other kids.

Trying it out!

I used my simple sewing machine to "embroider" her name on it. I did the same thing for Roy's, Lilli's turned out a bit more straight, Roy's looks like a preschooler wrote his name in crayon, but it gets the point across.

Her cute little buttons and a close up of the owls... she's loved owls since she was a tiny baby. Every time she'd see an owl in a book she'd get super excited. Now she has an owl to sleep with, an owl purse, several owl books, some owl shirts and this cute little owl nap mat!

(If you'd like the pattern for this mat just let me know, I can e-mail it to you. I got it off of a blogger's free tutorial page. You won't save much money by making it your self but it's fun to be able to customize it.)

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  1. loooove it! those little apples and owls are so cute!