Sunday, February 6, 2011

Roy on his Career

This morning while I was getting ready we were talking about why daddy didn't wear his Packer jersey to church. I simply explained that it's because daddy talks at church and there might be other people there who like the other team so he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Here's Roy's reply:

Roy: "I don't want to hurt people's feelings either. I want to be a passenger when I grow up just like daddy."

Me: "You mean a pastor?"

Roy: "Yeah, a pastor and then everyone can call me Mr. Roy. :o) That would be funny. And then I can be on stage. And I can sing."

Me: "Well daddy doesn't really sing."

Roy: "I can be in the David Crowder Band cause I'm a good singer."

Me: "You are a good singer."

Roy: "Yeah, and dancer too."

(Roy's response to me explaining that I was going to post this before I play play-dough with him... "I can't wait to hear it!")

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to hear Roy singing and see him break it down in the d.c.b. one day.