Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day!

Yesterday I was supposed to work but instead was able to stay home with our family due to a snow day!! We got about 2-3 inches of snow Thursday night. Now to my Wisconsin and Minnesota friends - I know this seems ridiculous but in a place where snow is rare they don't have equipment to clear roads for safe driving, so we stayed homebound like the rest of the town. It wasn't supposed to get above freezing all day so we planned on heading out to enjoy the snow after lunch. However, by the time we got out there is was nearly 40 degrees in our backyard so unfortunately some of the snow had already melted.

We had some unconventional snow clothes (we leave our snow gear in WI so we don't have to travel with it each year), and lasted only a few minutes but it was enough to create two masterpieces!

Snow Day 2011!

Lilli loved the snow, she just kept yelling "Snow! Snow!" and grinning from ear to ear

Roy and his snowdog named Toilet
(did you notice our new van in the background!)

Lilli and her snowman named Snowflake

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