Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Time

Josh and I have decided to make sure that we take about an hour each night to just play with together with the kids. We have found it's so easy to get distracted by supper, dishes, e-mails and television that we were missing out on quality time with our children. Last night was only day 3 of this adventure, we spent some time playing 'octopus'. It was Roy's idea that daddy should be an octopus and Roy, Lilli, and I were supposed to try to attack him. It was a lot of fun rolling around all together tickling, giggling, and growling.

A few hours later Roy was getting ready to go to bed and after he gave Josh a kiss goodnight he said "Thanks for playing octopus monster with me daddy." I nearly broke out in tears right then. Looks like family time is definitely meaningful for all of us!

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