Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jumping Party

There is this fabulous place in Waco called Jumping Party. It's a building full of large inflatable slides, jumping castles, and obstacle courses. Adults are free and kids are $6 so since Lilli doesn't jump much all 4 of us can go for a couple hours of fun for $6! Roy hasn't gone in a few months so while our carpets were drying from being cleaned we decided to head to Jumping Party. He had so much fun! When we first arrived there were a few other people there but soon there was only us and 2 other little girls who Roy quickly befriended. It was really fun to see how much he has grown since the last time we went. He used to need help getting up some of the ladders but now that he's a bit taller and stronger he didn't need any help at all! I truly can't believe how big he is getting!

sliding down the ladder

Lilli attempting the ladder... she made it to about step 3 then slid down :o)

sliding with one of his new friends, they're even holding hands!

sliding down a smaller slide

the little caution people were just the right size for Lilli
she'd stop and talk to them and give them hugs :o)

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