Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Second Christmas

Our Second Christmas was at Josh's parent's house on Christmas Eve. We went to church and then came home to some delicious snacks and opened presents together. A great thing about celebrating Christmas with both of our families is that Josh's family has always opened presents Christmas Eve and my family has always opened presents Christmas Day so we get to keep both traditions alive!

Roy got another one of his big wish list items, a movie replica of Woody from Toy Story. He also got some cute pocket characters from the movie including a little Woody. He thought it was so cool to have a big one and a little one!

I was so caught up with making sure to capture Roy's expression and reaction to opening Woody that I didn't get any pictures of Lilli opening presents, she wasn't forgotten she had fun opening too.

The kid's official Christmas outfits

"Cheese Sandwich" - When Josh and I hug the kids together we call it a Roy or Lilli sandwich, Roy has picked up on part of the concept so for this picture he wrapped his little arm around my neck and exclaimed "cheese sandwich!"

The kids with their Nana and Papa

Big and little Woody!

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