Sunday, January 10, 2010

One of Three Christmases

Our Christmas season this year was mostly wonderful, we got to see a lot of family and spend time enjoying each other's company. We began Christmas with Santa coming to our house the night of December 18th. We decided that since we were leaving to go to Wisconsin on the 21st it made the most sense for our family to do Christmas on Saturday to allow the kids time to enjoy their gifts before they had to leave them for a couple of weeks. I'll soon post info and pictures from the other 2 Christmases and the kids' adventures in the snow!

Roy getting Santa's cookies and milk ready

Roy unpacking his stocking

Lillian unpacking her stocking

Roy 'helping' to unwrap - he unwrapped nearly all of our presents for us

Merry Christmas!!

Lilli's favorite gift was her baby doll, she didn't even let go of it to get her diaper changed.

Roy making an angry face with his favorite toy, his Rex from Toy Story.

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