Monday, June 14, 2010

Bye-bye Night-Night!

Both of our children have used pacifiers - they call them "Night-Nights." Once they're over 1 we try to only use them for naps and night time but keep one on hand in the car for emergencies :o) Shortly after Roy turned 2 I began thinking about how I was going to get him to give his Night-Night up and then one day I told him to go put it in his bed and he didn't want to so I said "Well, you can either put it in your bed or put it in the garbage." And miraculously he chose to throw it in the garbage. That afternoon and night he cried a little bit going to bed but didn't ask for it again.

Lillian can get a bit more emotional about things so I have been dreading getting her to give up her pacifier. She'll be 2 in August so I wasn't planning on trying to tackle it until after then but today she found a Night-Night and didn't want to put it back in her bed so I told her "You can either put it in your bed or put it in the garbage." And lo and behold.... she put it in the garbage!!! She is currently taking her nap Night-Night free. There were a few tears shed and then she just went to sleep. I have now confiscated all the Night-Nights I could find and hid them in our closet. I'm not so confident that this will pan out as well as it did with Roy but I am hopeful! We'll see how tonight goes, could I be so lucky that it could be this easy with both kiddos? We'll have to wait and see!!

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  1. amazing! Nathanael lost his paci at 20 months much the same way--one day he just didn't ask for it, so I threw them away and he never asked again. we miss you, carneys! can we get together soon?