Thursday, June 17, 2010


Last night she went to bed with out a Night-Night and without a peep! When I laid her down she just rolled over and put her little butt up in the air and that was it... she didn't wake up until after 9 this morning!!!

Roy and I checked on her at 9 and he told me "Mom I'm so happy that she did such a good job with no Night-Night." And then when she woke up he told her he was so proud of her. :o)

To celebrate her success I took her to Wal-Mart and she picked a little Ariel doll that she can dress. She was so proud of herself that she told one of the Wal-Mart workers "No Night-Night I a big girl." Unfortunately he didn't understand her but he at least he smiled and waved.

After playing with her new Ariel she brought me some books to read so she could take her nap she didn't cry at all, just talked to herself for a while after I left and then went silently to sleep. I'm hesitant to say it but... I think we have conquered it! Yeah Lillian!!! We are a pacifier free family for the first time in 3 years and 4 months.

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