Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Night-Night Update

Take 1:
So day 1 went pretty smoothly...
She took her nap for a couple of hours without it.
She went to bed after crying for about 5 minutes without it but then...
she woke up at 4:00am hysterical, nothing could calm her down not even the extra pacifier we found hiding under the kitchen cabinets. When Lilli's angry she is really, really, really angry and you never know what will be the trick to calm her down everytime it's something different. This time she didn't want her pacifier even though I was weak and eventually offered it to her. When she finally got her self together we watched a bit of Elmo and then I put her back to bed about 5 - with the Night-Night

Take 2:
We resumed with no Night-Night at nap and she did great, then bedtime came along and she cried hard, really hard for 5-10 minutes then stopped. After a while I was nervous she threw-up and aspirated and wasn't alive anymore so I made the mistake of checking on her... She was fine but when I left the room the screaming resumed and was a bit stronger and lasted a bit longer but again after about 10 minutes she stopped. This time I waited a good 45 minutes before I checked on her and guess what... she had cried so hard she made herself throw-up. (not the first time this has happened) So we moved her to her pack n' play (without waking her up) and cleaned up the mess. Amazingly the throw-up was in her bed but not on her. During all this she never asked for her pacifier, I think she just really didn't want to go to bed.

When she woke up at 12:00 I again regressed and gave her the pacifier to get her back to bed... I couldn't stand the chance of her making herself throw-up again.

Take 3:
We're in the middle of day three and again she took her nap no problem, she cried maybe a minute but never asked for her Night-Night. We'll see how tonight goes....

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